Sharon Seymour

Seymour_Shomen4th Dan

Sharon Seymour, Dojo Cho and Chief Instructor, began her Aikido training in Denver in 1983 and currently holds the rank of Yondan (4th level black belt). In 1984 she began assisting in children's classes, and she has been teaching all levels and ages since 1985 in Denver, Tucson and Prescott. She initiated the AikidoKIDS! program in 1994 in Prescott, developing a children's curriculum and ranking program which has since been adopted by Aikido at the Center in Tucson as well. Participating as an instructor at the annual Arizona-wide Osu! gathering in Flagstaff each fall, she also leads the early-morning meditation classes at the regional Prescott Fall Bridge seminar each year. She serves on the Board of Directors for Aikido at the Center in Tucson. 






Wayne Johnson


3nd Dan

Wayne Johnson, Assistant Instructor, began his training in 2001 and presently holds the rank of nidan. he assists in the AikidoKIDS! program and covers adult/teen classes as required. Wayne was invited to a special shodan training weekend in Florida with Saotome Sensei in 2010. An enthusiastic student, you will encounter him at training seminars throughout Arizona.